Stop overthinking and analysing and start creating authentic art intuitively {while having fun} and discover your artistic voice in the process...

Get ready to ...

Unleash Your Creative Potential

with abstract painting {and learn to fearlessly express yourself}

Unleash Your Creative Potential gives you INSTANT access to over 26 lessons {5+ hrs of content, including 17 Fun Art Exercises, 6 different ways to relax & activate your creativity so you are motivated and tuned in to create authentic, expressive art, 3 Creative Extender Exercises, PLUS Exclusive Resources to access your deeper level of creativity. Most of this is delivered in FUN BITE SIZED LESSONS! 

You won't ever need to feel creatively stuck again! 

PLUS you also get access to the BONUS Inner Critic Workbook, Heart Centred Meditation and 30 Journal Prompts to further explore your creative desires.

This is a fun step by step programme that guides you to create abstract art confidently with no restrictions. It gives you permission to express yourself in your own unique way, discover your own abstract style and take creative risks.

This is for you if you are an aspiring abstract artist, experiencing artist block or you have a yearning desire to get creative with paint.

And you find yourself saying "ugggh this looks horrible", "I would love to create abstracts but I don't know where to start" or "this is so frustrating" ... {or you are just keen to start throwing paint around 🎨 yipee!!!}

And the great thing is you have found this solution made just for you 👩🏻‍🎨


Get the inside scoop from these incredible students. Real stories, real inspiration.


Let's Be Honest

You have attempted abstract painting {or would love to} but it's way harder than it looks, *sigh*

And you know it's possible because you've seen plenty of others "randomly" throw paint around and create amazing art.


Easier said than done though right?!?! 


Creating abstract art or painting loosely is not always sunshine and rainbows 😞

Overthinking and overanalysing is all too easy 🧐

You second guess what you are doing 😞

Perfectionism is real 😵‍💫

You get frustrated and overwhelmed 😩

You feel bad as you get started but don't finish 😞

Or even worse, you don't even get started 😬

 But it doesn't have to be this way ...

 This is exactly why I developed this system that will UNLOCK, ACTIVATE, AND UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY, and have you creating meaningful abstract art.


This is the course I wish I had at the beginning of my art journey.

  • I {Rose} get the challenges of creating abstract art and battling self-doubt {trust me I've experienced it all } 🫨

  • I had that voice in my head telling me I wasn't an artist. That I was no good at it.  And then it all changed.

  • Day by day, year by year I put into practice the methods within this course. {if only I understood this at the beginning of my journey}

  • Do you rememeber the start of a school year. The excitement of new art supplies. New pencil case, pencils, felt pens, watercolours. Ahhhh I wish I could have drawn and painted all day.

  • Then reality hit hard 😓

  • Hardly any time to draw or paint. And getting in trouble for doodling and what not 😓

  • Year by year, my artistic desires were suppressed, and my natural creative instincts were lost.

  • It took me over 40 years to rediscover expressive, fun, and intuitive art 😳

  • The best part? I now create with a sense of aliveness, freedom, joy and NO RESTRICTIONS, and feel creatively ON FIRE, and I know it can happen for you too!

    This course is YOUR PATH to creating expressive, authentic intuitive abstract art.

Can you imagine .....
  • Having a trusty guide that makes kicking off each painting a breeze, with the confidence of a pro. 
  •  Giving that inner critic a run for its money, so it can't stop you from painting any longer. Take that, inner critic!
  • You unearth your one-of-a-kind creative style and voice, which is absolutely as magical as a shooting star in a midnight sky.
  • Having the self-belief to explore and express your creativity in a way that's uniquely and unmistakably you.
  • Feeling artistically courageous  ready to blaze your own creative trail.
  • Being fully equipped with the knowledge to kickstart a painting effortlessly, every time.
  • Enjoying the process of making art, wild and carefree like a kid {with no parents} in a candy store.

I bet it would feel pretty phenomenal!

And how do I know this? 


I experienced it for myself. I have gone from never creating art since paint by numbers at age 10, to throwing paint around like confetti {an we all know how fun that is}.

And creating art pieces I am hugely proud of {have sold more than I could ever have imagined} AND opening my own ART GALLERY & STUDIO SPACE in just 5 years.  

In this course I teach you to paint like you, with techniques that I know work.

It's also been reported to me first hand from my beautiful students how much freedom, bravery and more creatively courageous they have felt after completing my class.

And this course has been developed to do the EXACT same thing for you 👏

Hear from students who have experienced "Unleash Your Creative Potential"


Unleash Your Creative Potential
A step by step programme that guides you to develop your confidence in creating art with no restrictions. That gives you permission to express yourself in your own unique way, to discover your own abstract style and take creative risks.

Get ready to gain  IMMEDIATE access to

  • Over 25 videos of exercises and creative prompts that provide a jumping board to explore and unleash your own creativity, including ...
  • 17 Videos of practical art activities that will have you creating with no restrictions.
  • 6 Different ways to relax your nervous system that will have you inspired and motivated to create {the best kept secret that gets you creating authentic art}.
  • 3 Creative Extender Activities {Photography, Cooking and Storytelling} to develop your creative muscles.
  • 2 Foundational Exercises to establish and direct your beliefs around art and creativity
  • Writing prompts that will set your imagination on fire 🔥 { in a good way} 
  • Photography activities that will change your view of the world forever and have you looking at everything in a different light ☀️
  •  Life lessons to get "unstuck" that can be integrated into your every day. Draw on these when you feel stressed, your “pot boiling over” or you just want to feel more relaxed.  {Hint: More relaxed leads to more creativity} 

These are not your *standard* relax yourself processes.

 I have used these to unlock my own creative flow on a daily basis. And they work!




  1. The Inner Critic Process Workbook  {a process to handle negative thoughts}
  2. 30 Journal prompts {to further discover your creative desires}
  3. Heart Centred Meditation {provided clarity, confidence and calm}

This course covers some VERY  FORGOTTEN aspects of activating your CREATIVE POTENTIAL.


The Foundations To Be Inspired To Create Authentic Art

Welcome to the initial phase of the BELIEF segment within the BACE Method.

I have included in this module, techniques and exercises I use for my one on one coaching clients which will provide you with valuable insights and practical tools to achieve your personal and creative goals successfully.

  • Whether we realise it or not we all hold beliefs that hold us back in life. 
  • This module holds remarkable potency. Activities designed to align your body and mind with your desire to create art, foster your belief in yourself, and propel you towards authentic artistic expression.

17 Powerful Art Activities

Embark on a transformative journey across 17 engaging lessons, where you will paint on paper, canvas or cardboard. As you progressively silence your inner critic and learn to follow your intuition, you'll unleash your creativity through carefully guided steps such as

  • Dynamic warmups
  • Expressive mark making
  • Creating drips, textures and layers
  • Intuitive colour mixing
  • Experimenting with painting in multiples
  • Embracing large scale art works

By course's end, you'll emerge with newfound confidence, ready to revel in artistic joy and equipped with the wisdom and inspiration to approach a new canvas. 


Learn How To Remove Those Pesky Blocks That Stop Us From Painting

Have you ever said to yourself "I'm no good at this" or I don't know what I am doing" and you leave your art supplies in the cupboard, paintings unfinished or go back to painting what you know.

It's so common for people to be blocked from creating expressive, intuitive art because 

  • They're intuition is shut down
  • Their inner critic is loud
  • Self doubt creeps in
  • Overthinking and overanalysing is a thing 
  • They spent so many years running around after kids
  • Frustration and overwhelm are huge

There is a solution and these 6 exercises allow you to move though blocks, feel calm and at ease so you feel relaxed and ready to paint expressive with a deep intuitive knowing.


Stretch Your Creative "Muscles

You have now embraced the world of abstract art, it's now time to branch out. In these extra activities you will learn to experiment and weave even more creativity into your life.

  • Photography activity to develop your eye for light and shadow
  • Creative story telling to develop your imagination
  • Cooking activity to further challenge your experimental nature
  • Every art exercise in this course is an opportunity to experiment and step outside the box

Not only will these activities add more joy and fun to your life, they will also improve your art creation by developing and flexing your creative muscles even further so that you can create art that is true for you.

Including .....


Introduction To Intuitive Colour Mixing

This lesson focuses on developing your intuition with colour.  

You’re going to learn:

  • An introduction to colour theory
  • Embrace my approach to fostering your intuitive colour mixing
  • Unlock the ability to craft a myriad of shades using merely 3 colours, along with black and white so that you never need to buy a 1000 paint tubes again.

Mastering colour mixing not only boosts your artistry but also develops your intuition, fuels your confidence, creates freedom and saves you a TON of money on supplies.

And you don’t need to just take my word for the transformation this can create… here’s what my students have to say:


ONLY $47


Yes, you read that right, a mere $47 {Most spend more on coffee in a week!} and you get to fling paint around like the biggest kid in the room.

Here’s what other people have to say about attending my workshops.

Enrol In
Unleash Your Creative Potential
  • The Foundations To Creative Belief
  • 17 Art Exercises
  • Stretch your creative muscles
  • Intro To Colour Mixing
  • Over 6 Surprising ways to connect
  • Bonus 1 - Inner Critic Workbook
  • Bonus 2 - 30 Journal Prompts
  • Bonus 3 - Heart Centred Meditation

PLUS for a LIMITED TIME, you will Receive access to These Exclusive Bonuses


The Inner Critic Process

This guide will teach you a process on how to handle your pesky Inner Critic, and have you on the road to higher thinking. This is a tool you will have forever to use over and over again.


30 Journal Prompts

These prompts will guide you to discover for yourself where your creative desires lie. To know more about yourself and how and what you would love to create. 


Heart Centred Meditation

This brings your physical, emotional and mental systems into alignment  which helps access your heart's highest intelligence {hello creativity} and provides clarity, confidence and calm.


You may be wondering, why something so comprehensive, with so much value is so affordable...


 This is why.


I {Rose} am a diehard believer in the value of creativity and that the world is a better place with more creatively inspired individuals. Creating abstract art is an amazing way to do that.

I mean really!

Imagine what we can create in this world walking around feeling inspired and free. 

Out of the box thinking ⌧

Creating unique solutions 💡

Interesting ideas 🧐

And when adults are feeling creatively expressed and inspired we inspire our children and our grandchildren 🧒🏼👧🏻👦🏾

So I created this solution - and priced it in a way that every individual can afford 🕺🏽💃

So now you can access what is needed to set your creativity on fire 🔥 and be painting up a storm.

What others have to say working with me.

If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.....


You may be saying to yourself

{Click that + sign }


Are you a perfect fit?

  • OMG you are so ready to level up your art
  • You are so done with overthinking and overanalysing 
  • You say yes to more fun
  • Heck yes to not being stuck
  • You are ready to loosen up your painting style.
  • You are ready for "artist block" to be a thing of the past
  • You're done with blank canvasses and untouched paint tubes gathering dust. 

If you are saying “ummm yep that’s me” as you read this, then this is the perfect place to start. This is exactly what you have been waiting for without even knowing it!


But ... this system doesn't work for everyone, in fact, it's not right for you if ...


❌ You want results yesterday and are not willing to put in the time and effort.

❌ You are going to keep putting yourself last.

❌ You are not willing to learn and grow.

❌ You are not open to new ideas.

❌ You are wanting to be instructed on how to create a specific piece of art.


Addressing your beliefs to lay the foundation for a creative mindset.


Cultivate your individuality to create meaningful impact with your art.


Connect with yourself, and your intuition, allowing you to create art from your heart.


Let's take you where you haven't been before, so you can fearlessly venture into unexplored creativity.

Recap - You Get All This Instantly

  • Foundational exercises to cover beliefs around creativity to set you up for creative success.
  • Over 17 art exercises {including painting big} where you are guided to confidently explore and experiment through art.
  • Intro to intuitive colour mixing to further develop your artistic intuition. 
  • Surprising ways to remove those creative blocks.
  • 3 Creative Extender Lessons to stretch your creative muscles.
  • BONUS Inner Critic Workbook to deal with that pesky voice.
  • BONUS 30 Creative Prompts to discover your creative self.
  • BONUS Heart Centred Meditation for calm and clarity.

 Get all this today for $497

ONLY $47

{Yes, this is a magical 🧙unicorn 🦄 offer that is too good to miss}


*Limited Time Offer Of $47USD (One-Time Payment Only). Lifetime access. MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. 

Mmmmm, why trust me to guide you to creative freedom?

Great question! 

Hi there! I {Rose} am a successful Artist, a Holistic Integrative Creative Arts Therapist, a Life Coach and Art Mentor, NLP Practitioner, and Internationally Published Photographer.


I have created and sold 100’s of paintings, have helped many students with in person workshops, and facilitated 1 on 1 coaching clients to break through their creative blocks, paint without restrictions and witness their journey of creative freedom.


I have figured out a thing or two about creating art with a sense of fun and freedom, established what many people don’t realise they need to do, and have broken this down into small steps to guide you to create a big impact!


After many questions from artists who are stuck or feel restricted, I decided to do something, and create a way for you to unleash your own potential with art so you can step up your own art practice and paint 'til your hearts desire. This will help you with creating art and also in many areas of life.


I am a diehard believer in creativity and inherently believe every single person has creative potential. If you have a desire to paint, I am here to guide you. Imagine a world where more people feel creatively free and expressed. 

I can't wait to see the difference this programme makes in your life! 


I'm behind you 100%

This solution guides you to create abstract art with no restrictions and know how to approach a canvas every time.

I have developed it from years of painting abstract art and coaching experience, and am excited to offer you this solution to take you on the path to become creatively expressed.

HOWEVER, I do want you to know there is no risk in purchasing today.  

Because If you don't love UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVE POTENTIAL, you can request your money back within 30 days - no questions asked.}

That's how certain I am – this solution will empower you to confidently tap into your artistic side, ensuring you're always prepared to dive into art and overcome any creative blocks.


You’ve reached the end and there’s just one more thing to share.

And I feel very passionate about this 💖


If you have any desire whatsoever, to be more creative, to create art with more freedom, confidence and fun then just GO FOR IT! 

{the risk taking starts here, although it's not much of a risk really is it 😉}



You deserve to be the creative powerhouse you were born to be.


You deserve to experience creative freedom.


You deserve to feel confident in your ability to create whatever art your heart desires.


ONLY $47


*Limited Time Offer Of $47USD (One-Time Payment Only). Lifetime access. MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.